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Emerging trends have intensified the pressures facing business leaders.

You must be skilled in your chosen field, but also up to date on the bigger issues changing your industry.

Our network was founded on a hard truth that most leaders at the sharp end of business know too well; There is no additional secret apart from quality execution of the right strategy.

What do I need to know? How do other companies do it? And how do I make results stick?

The Leadership Network® was created to help you answer these questions faster; Saving you time and energy to focus on delivering the results promised in your boardroom.

With less jargon and more proven examples, we provide inspirational and practical training to help you stay on top.

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We’ve helped hundreds of companies transform their business, including:

Caterpillar, Hewlett Packard, Adidas, IBM, Sony, Philips, Nike, Danone, Asos, Nestlé, Logitech, Land Rover, Boeing, Mattel, Honeywell, Jabil, Carlsberg, Bentley, Diageo, AkzoNobel...

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Our Advisory Board

First impressions count when it comes to joining our network.

Jeffrey Liker

President, Liker Lean Advisors

David Simchi-Levi

Professor Engineering Systems, MIT

Frank Piller

Prof. of Innovation Mgmt, RWTH Aachen

David Robertson

Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management

Charlie Baker

Former Executive Director at General Motors

Rowan Gibson

Innovation Management Expert

Peter Hines

Founder, SA Partners


Good Causes

In 2016, TLN® Members helped us raise over £150,000 for the TMUK Charitable trust which supports the British Heart Foundation, Children with Cancer UK and the NSPCC.

Thank You.

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