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Our mission is to inspire every company in the world to develop a culture of lifelong learning for all employees

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In pursuit of the future

In 2013, Nathan Robinson and Victor Lewis founded The Leadership Network® on the hard truth that most leaders at the sharp end of business know too well; there is no additional secret apart from quality execution of the right strategy.


Since then, we developed a unique Masterclass training format and established strong partnerships with companies like Toyota, BMW, Nike, Philips to help senior industry professionals from non-competing sectors do things better, smarter, faster and cheaper. 


Through our OBEYA® Masterclasses, we have provided the template to meet the developing demands of the digital era to over 3,000 delegates from world leading companies.

GEMBA VR platform GEMBA VR platform GEMBA VR platform

Embracing change

After years of customer feedback, one theme kept recurring; how can our members take back what they have learnt at a Masterclass and disseminate it across their organisation?


To address this major challenge, we assembled a world class team and worked closely with our partners to map out exactly how best practice training can be translated into an interactive virtual reality experience. From inception to completion the process has taken over two years and a major investment, but the result has been described as ‘stunning’ and ‘transformational’.

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“Executive education at a whole new level of excellence..”

TLN delivers critical business insights to leaders of the world’s top companies and also links these executives in a global community where they can share common challenges and successful solutions with their peers.


Rowan Gibson

Innovation Expert

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Practising what we preach

We strive for a culture of quality throughout our company, and as a result, quality has become synonymous with The Leadership Network® brand.


We are a global leader in developing transformational training that influences every area of our business, from product development to sales and marketing. Quality extends far past the classroom; it’s everywhere at TLN®.

Meet the Team

Nathan Robinson, CEO


Nathan Robinson

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Leadership Network®, Nathan leads all efforts in our mission to improve the way the world works.

Victor Lewis, Chairman


Victor Lewis

With nearly 40 years of management and leadership experience, Victor guides and advises the management team in pursuit of the future.

Max Lyons, Managing Director, OBEYA®

Managing Director, OBEYA®

Max Lyons

As Managing Director, Max leads our global organisation that develops and delivers OBEYA® strategic leadership training.

Angela Cruickshank, CFO


Angela Cruickshank

With nearly 20 years of financial and management experience, Angela serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for The Leadership Network®.

Dominic Deane, Managing Director, GEMBA®

Managing Director, GEMBA®

Dominic Deane

As Managing Director, Dominic leads our global organisation that develops and manages the GEMBA® virtual reality learning platform.

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Meet the people moving TLN® forward

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“TLN never fails to inspire and motivate me..”

to keep pushing the boundaries of our innovation process, helping us on the journey to making it a sustainable enterprise capability.


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VP, CNH Industrial

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