GEMBA(R) Chosen for Oculus ISV Programme to Help Drive Digital Transformation.

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The Leadership Network® (TLN) announced today that their virtual reality learning platform GEMBA® has been selected by Facebook as part of its Oculus Independent Software Vendors (ISV) programme to accelerate the adoption of VR across enterprises.

GEMBA® by The Leadership Network® is an exciting and entirely new learning platform designed to provide senior executives with an exceptional tool that solves the logistical challenge of implementing high-level training on a mass scale.

Unlike conventional training methods, GEMBA® hands power to the user. They control the experience, can repeat an exercise and refresh the VR variables in real-time.

Crucially, line managers can track and measure the progress of each user through detailed online analytics; what can be measured can be managed. There is no time pressure and when the headset is on there is no interruption from cell phones, emails, tweets or people. This is focused learning that is engaging and compelling. And above all, this is learning that sticks.

The ISV program is designed to increase customer adoption of VR technology built for Oculus enterprise products, which means GEMBA® enterprise training will be available via the Oculus Solutions Listing portal. TLN will also be one of the few companies allowed to provide services using Oculus equipment, along with continuous support. Oculus will be unveiling more resources and assets to accelerate their efforts to grow the adoption of VR in the enterprise to their partners in the upcoming months.

“We are extremely proud to be working with Facebook on our mission to help world-leading companies embrace change,” said TLN CEO Nathan Robinson. “Oculus is the market leader and has an outstanding technology platform. Our team in London and Gateshead is thrilled” He said.

“We feel that VR has reached a tipping point due to the ease and flexibility that the Oculus Quest brings, but most significantly the economics of using VR as an enterprise training solution now work for global businesses.”

“It’s an exciting time for the VR industry and with the support of Oculus and the backing of Fortune 2000 companies, we are confident GEMBA® can help companies learn at scale to profoundly change corporate thinking and work towards the elimination of waste from the global industrial supply chain.”

The Oculus ISV Program partnership comes after recent industry recognition from The Learning Awards, shortlisting The Leadership Network® for the Learning Provider of the Year and by GO: Tech Awards, shortlisting GEMBA® for Best use of AR/VR.

About GEMBA®

Introducing the virtual reality learning platform for business transformation. GEMBA® solves the biggest challenge faced by transformational leaders, the roll-out of compelling training at scale, in a controlled and cost-effective way. Whether 10 or 10,000 people, get the corporate and cultural message to your team at a fraction of the time and cost of classroom training.

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About The Leadership Network®

The Leadership Network® (TLN) provides practical learning experiences that are immediately transferable and actionable in the real world, helping business leaders to make impactful and lasting changes to their professional lives and global industry. To date, TLN helped over 3000 executives drive transformation in companies such as Adidas, Phillips, Johnson & Johnson, Tetra Pak, Sony, IBM and Electrolux.

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