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It challenged me to think about how we innovate, and what I and the company need to do to deliver innovation excellence.

The Programme

Join Rowan Gibson and Daniel Sieberg as they show how you can make innovation work as a disciplined, measurable and sustainable process in your business. The programme combines Google’s 8 rules of innovation together with Rowan’s Four Lenses of Innovation and Daniel’s 25+ years of expertise at the crossroads of Innovation and Technology to guide you in your roadmap for innovation.

Day 1
Make Innovation Happen
Rowan Gibson starts by explaining how the Four Lenses of Innovation can be used as a powerful business tool to manage your innovation pipeline and close the gap between rhetoric and reality.
Day 2
Innovation at Google
Join former Google executive, Daniel Sieberg and go behind the scenes at Google to witness how they keep their employees motivated, competitive and innovative. This is your opportunity to learn how the tech giant became the innovation benchmark for the world.
Day 3
The Transformation
To complete the Masterclass, Rowan Gibson explains practical ways to measure your innovation performance, develop business wide capabilities and create a blueprint to improve your company’s approach to innovation.

Experience innovation excellence at Google

Google have made their way to the top of every ‘Most Innovative Companies’ list in the world. Do not miss this unique opportunity to get behind the scenes with the team leading some of Google’s biggest projects including Android and Youtube.

Meet Rowan Gibson

Bestselling business author, globally recognised thought leader and consultant to Fortune 500 companies on strategy and innovation, Rowan Gibson is one of the world’s most renowned experts in this field.

Meet Daniel Sieberg

Emmy-nominated TV correspondent, Award-Winning author and former Official Google Spokesperson, Daniel Sieberg spent over 6 years at Google exploring how techniques of design thinking, growth mindset and collaboration helped businesses accelerate innovation.

Why attend our Masterclass?
How to create a roadmap for your innovation system to set them up your teams for success.
Share challenges with senior innovation leaders, directors, and VPs from other industries who are facing similar innovation issues in their companies.
Build a specific, actionable and realistic plan to improve your innovation system using insights from Google’s globally admired innovation initiatives.

Very comprehensive model of the barriers and drivers to innovation.

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