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The Programme

Join innovation expert Rowan Gibson as he shows you how you can use innovation as a disciplined, measurable and sustainable process applying The Four Lenses of Innovation model and go behind the scenes of BMW to see how they apply innovation in action.

Day 1
Make Innovation Happen
Rowan Gibson explains how to use the Four Lenses of Innovation as a powerful business tool to manage your innovation pipeline and close the gap between rhetoric and reality.
Day 2
Disciplined Innovation
Join BMW behind the scenes in an exclusive tour to see how they apply proven innovation techniques in their daily work and learn from them how you can innovate throughout the entire company.
Day 3
The Transformation
Rowan Gibson shows you practical ways to measure your performance and create a blueprint to improve your company’s approach to innovation.

Experience innovation excellence at BMW

BMW are using a systematic approach to innovation which has turned it into one of the most innovative companies in the world. Do not miss this unique opportunity to get behind the scenes, engage with the team and see first-hand how BMW are reimagining electric mobility with their i Models.

Meet Rowan Gibson

Founder of, acclaimed author of “The Four Lenses of Innovation” and consultant to Fortune 500 companies, Rowan Gibson is one of the world’s most renowned innovation experts.

Why attend our Masterclass?
How to embed innovation as an ubiquitous, self-sustaining enterprise capability and how to put a management infrastructure in place to drive and support innovation.
Share best practice with directors, senior managers and managers involved in managing innovation process across all industries.
Experience first-hand BMW’s proven innovation techniques in their daily work and ask your questions to BMW’s leadership team.

Absolutely necessary to implement & refresh the Innovation concepts.

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