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Reduce cost, market faster and increase productivity in your product development

Learn how you can reduce cost Learn how you can reduce cost Learn how you can reduce cost

Great step for us; it confirmed our strategy and gave us ideas to implement.

The Programme

Join Professors Frank Piller and Tim Simpson as they demonstrate how you can reduce cost, market faster and increase efficiency in your product development process using groundbreaking technologies. You can attend this session by itself or as a follow-up to the Leading the Factory of the Future Masterclass.

Day 1
Frank Piller and Tim Simpson explain how you can leverage the latest technologies in product development. Learn how you can push the frontiers of digital manufacturing with intelligent engineering.
Day 2
Go behind the scenes at Volvo or Philips to see how you can become a design and engineering pioneer in the exclusive tours. Hear from senior executives at Volvo and Philips to understand how you can enable these processes for advanced product development in your own company.
Day 3
Understand how to establish a technology-driven culture in your business and develop the skills needed to create a powerhouse for your digital future. To complete the Masterclass, Frank Piller and Tim Simpson will work with you to develop a roadmap for embedding intelligent engineering in your company.

Experience a digital engineering powerhouse of Volvo and Philips.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to witness smart engineering and innovation culture at the world’s leading companies. Choose a tour to Volvo to see how the company has become one of the most tech-centric brands in the automotive industry. Or pick a visit to Philips to learn how its pioneering design and engineering with cutting-edge technologies change the market of personal care goods.

Meet Award-Winning Professors Frank Piller & Tim Simpson

Frank is Professor of Management Technology & Innovation at RWTH Aachen and Tim is Professor of Engineering Design & Manufacturing at Pennsylvania State University. Frank and Tim are world-renowned experts in digitalisation, design and innovation.

Why attend our Masterclass?
To identify and assess opportunities for product development using digitisation and how to establish your roadmap for achieving competitive differentiation.
Share best practice with senior level managers, directors and VPs that are involved in Research & Development, Innovation Management, Technology Management, Product Management, Strategy, Development Excellence and Continuous Improvement.
Benchmark against Volvo’s or Philips’ forefront design and engineering and ask your questions to their leadership team.

Extremely inspiring towards new business ideas and Innovation.

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