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Integrate Lean Management with Industry 4.0 to achieve the next level of Operational Excellence.

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This has opened up a new world of opportunities, both internal and external

The Programme

Join Torbjørn Netland and Peter Hines to discover how to successfully integrate Lean Management with Industry 4.0. By merging Lean 4.0 advanced tools, techniques and frameworks with an immersive visit at Bosch’s state-of-the-art facility in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, this Masterclass will empower you with the knowledge and practical skills to deliver superior results in your organisation.

Day One
Your Lean 4.0
Discover the opportunities brought by Lean Management for Industry 4.0 implementation and how you can design the Core Operating Systems to support the transition.
Day Two
Synergy in Action
See Bosch in action as they showcase the perfect synergy between Lean Management and Industry 4.0. By combining various cross-industry examples and practical case studies, you will determine your ideal Smart Factory Production System.
Day Three
Drive Change
The final day is fully focused on experiential workshops where you will be able to identify synergies, manage challenges and determine Industry 4.0 integration within an existing Lean System to build your roadmap for transformation and create the Future of Operational Excellence.

Experience the Future of Operational Excellence at Bosch

Bosch is a global leader in technology and the most powerful automotive supplier in the world. One key ingredient of their success is a strong synergy between Industry 4.0 and Operational Excellence which puts people at the core of all initiatives. Witness first hand at their Feuerbach plant how Bosch harness the strength of Lean 4.0 to drive the company forward.

Meet Award-Winning Professors Torbjørn Netland and Peter Hines

Torbjørn is a Professor at ETH Zurich and a Fellow at the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Production while Peter is a senior certified facilitator at The Shingo Institute. Torbjørn and Peter are globally recognised leaders in Lean Management and recipients of the distinguished Shingo Prize.

Why attend our Masterclass?
How to implement Lean 4.0 in your company to sync your Lean Management System with the latest insights in Industry 4.0 to implement a fully functional Lean 4.0 model.
Share best practice with Vice Presidents, Directors and Senior Managers on their journey to Enterprise Excellence.
Benchmark against Bosch on an exclusive visit of their facilities and discuss your transformation strategy with the leaders at the forefront of Lean 4.0.

Offers a wealth of usable insights and frameworks

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