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Integrate Lean and Industry 4.0 to achieve next-level performance.

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The Programme

Join Torbjørn Netland and Peter Hines to successfully integrate Lean with Industry 4.0 into a cohesive Intelligent Lean strategy. Deploying Intelligent Lean advanced tools, techniques and frameworks will empower you to deliver superior results in your organisation.

Day 1
Discover the opportunities brought by aligning your Lean Strategy and Industry 4.0 implementation to achieve the next level of Enterprise Excellence.
Day 2
Determine how to align processes for Intelligent Lean to create a world-class production system.
Day 3
Integrate people into the core of your Intelligent Lean strategy to ensure its implementation success and support the transition to Enterprise Excellence.
Day 4
Understand how state-of-the-art technology can help you reach your Continuous Improvement goals quicker and improve performance.
Day 5
Put into Action
Identify synergies, manage challenges and determine the implementation of Intelligent Lean with an immediately transferable roadmap to create the Future of Enterprise Excellence.

Experience Intelligent Lean best practice

Learn, network, collaborate and benchmark with experts and peers like never before.

Meet Torbjørn & Peter

Torbjørn Netland and Peter Hines are the foremost leaders in combining Lean with applications of Digitalisation and recipients of the distinguished Shingo Prize.

Don’t let a corporate travel ban stop your progress

Why attend our Masterclass?

Lean and industry 4.0 model


To implement Intelligent Lean in your company by syncing your Lean Production System with state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 to implement a fully functional Intelligent Lean model.

meet other executives


Share best practice with Vice Presidents, Directors and Senior Managers on their journey to the Future of Enterprise Excellence.

Intelligent Lean roadmap


Build a specific, actionable and realistic plan to achieve next-level performance with Intelligent Lean using insights from today’s leading global companies.

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"Offers a wealth of usable insights and frameworks"


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