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Excellent mix of academic concepts and applications; excellent delivery by David Simchi-Levi.

The Programme

Join Professor David Simchi-Levi as he demonstrates his unique framework to reinvent your Supply Chain using Big Data Analytics, Digitisation and Machine Learning techniques.

Day One
Big Data and Machine Learning
Learn from David Simchi-Levi how to address current Supply Chain challenges using digitisation to reinvent and optimise your Supply Chain.
Day Two
Exclusive GE Digital Tour
Join those at the forefront of reinventing GE from an industrial to a digital company as they show you the latest in digitisation methods to improve your Supply Chain integration and push-pull strategies.
Day Three
Supply Chain Digitisation
Professor David Simchi-Levi guides you on how to create a roadmap to a transparent and agile Supply Chain.

Experience the Industrial Internet at GE

GE Digital is bringing the Industrial Internet to life by connecting minds and machines. Get behind the scenes at the GE Digital Foundry and see how GE are bringing together different talents, experiences and perspectives to incubate and elevate digital industrial transformation.

Meet Professor David Simchi-Levi

MIT Professor of Engineering, creator of the REI index and consultant to Fortune 500 companies like Ford, Boeing and GE, David Simchi-Levi is one of the world’s most renowned Supply Chain experts.

Why attend our Masterclass?
To develop critical thinking around creating a more efficient, agile and customer-focused Supply Chain and how to gain competitive advantage by developing your digital transformation strategy.
Share best practice with VP’s, Directors and Senior Managers with the responsibility for, or applying, a digital transformation in their business.
Go behind the scenes of GE Digital to see how they apply the latest digitisation methods to improve their Supply Chain integration and push-pull strategies and ask your questions to GE Digital’s leadership team.

Opened my eyes to an incredible number of opportunities to work more efficiently.

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