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Leading the Factory of the Future - USA

Supercharge your Operations with Smart Manufacturing.

The Programme

Join Professor Frank Piller as he shows you what it takes to refine your manufacturing strategies using smart manufacturing technologies, encourage change and prepare your people for end-to-end digitalisation.

Day 1
Frank reveals the latest digitalisation technologies and frameworks and shows you exactly how your business can capitalise on state-of-the-art approaches in manufacturing.
Day 2
Get behind the scenes of Schneider Electric's first smart factory in the USA to see how they are implementing smart manufacturing technologies. Use these insights and the Industry 4.0 Analytics Framework to plan your own strategy to prepare your factory for the future.
Day 3
Even with all the right equipment, the biggest challenge is managing the way people think, behave and adapt to a changing manufacturing environment. Frank will give you a blueprint to encourage change at every level within your organisation.

Go Behind the Scenes

Do not miss this unique opportunity to experience world-class digital operations in action at Schneider Electric.

Meet Frank Piller

Frank Piller is the Professor of Management Technology & Innovation at RWTH Aachen and a world-renowned Industry 4.0 expert.

Why attend our Masterclass?

sstrategic smart manufacturing


How to transition to a smart factory by creating your strategic smart manufacturing roadmap and supportive culture.

Schneider Electric's state-of-the art plant


Go behind the scenes of Schneider Electric’s state-of-the art plant to see how they are capitalising on smart manufacturing and ask your questions to their leadership teams.

Network with other operations executives


Share best practice with directors, senior managers and managers involved in leading digitalisation and operational excellence across all industries.

“Opening the box on Industry 4.0.”

Vice President Operations, GSK

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