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build a culture of continuous improvement build a culture of continuous improvement build a culture of continuous improvement

Good to take time - out to reflect on the purpose and culture required to support a Lean transformation.

The Programme

Join Professor Peter Hines as he demonstrates how to integrate the core Lean systems that are essential to any organisation on their quest to achieve Enterprise Excellence. Through a blend of tours, Gemba visits, group discussions and interactive exercises at Abbott’s and AbbVie's Lean leading facilities, Peter will show you how to build and implement core Lean management systems into your organisation to achieve sustainable Operational Excellence.

Day One
Lean Behaviour
Begin with a tour of Abbott’s or AbbVie’s facilities to understand how core systems knit together to develop a culture of sustainable change.
Day Two
Strategy Deployment
Plan and return for another Gemba visit to challenge Abbott’s or AbbVie’s employees on their Strategy Deployment and Continuous Improvement efforts.
Day Three
Lean Leadership
In the final Gemba visit, learn about the Leader Standard Work as well as Learning & Development journeys at Abbott or AbbVie. Before you return home, analyse and compare your Lean maturity with Abbott or AbbVie and develop your action plan for change.

Experience Lean Enterprise Excellence at Abbott or AbbVie

Abbott and AbbVie are widely recognised as the icons of Operational Excellence, where continuous improvement is at the core of all aspects of the business. Go behind the scenes of Abbott’s facilities in Longford and Sligo or to AbbVie’s facilities in Sligo to learn from the leaders who are at the forefront of the journey towards Enterprise Excellence.

Meet Professor Peter Hines

Best Selling Author and Award-Winning Professor of Lean Leadership, Professor Peter Hines is a globally recognised leader in Lean Manufacturing, a multiple Shingo award-winning author, a senior certified facilitator at The Shingo Institute and Founder of SA Partners.

Why attend our Masterclass?
How to implement Lean Leadership in your company to build a culture of Continuous Improvement and how to develop core systems required to implement a fully functional Lean model.
Share best practice with Vice Presidents, Directors and Senior Managers on a Continuous Improvement journey, who wish to achieve sustainable Enterprise Excellence.
Benchmark against Abbott or AbbVie on an exclusive tour of their facilities with experienced trainers and witness their Lean culture in action.

You get to measure yourself against and talk to the world leaders in continuous improvement.

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