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Excellent deep dive into The Toyota Way; a first-class experience

The Programme

Join Dr Jeffrey Liker as he talks you through proven frameworks, interactive exercices and real case studies. To give you a critical insight into how, through Lean Leadership, you can achieve a sustainable culture of operational excellence.

Day 1
Leaders Self-Developing and Developing Others
Learn about the Toyota Way and how you can develop your own approach to developing leaders practicing kata.
Day 2
Toyota Manufacturing Plant Tour
Join Toyota’s management team behind the scenes of this world leading manufacturer to learn how to develop Lean leadership, continuous improvement, agility and innovation.
Day 3
Developing Teams and Transforming to Lean Leadership
Learn from Dr. Jeffrey Liker about high performing work groups, Hoshin Kanri, and principles of transformation to Lean leadership.

Learn from the world leaders in manufacturing through a tour

Toyota UK Tour - Go behind the scenes in a unique custom tour to learn how Toyota develops its leaders. Learn from Toyota executives about the Toyota Way, TPS, quality management, and human resource management.

Toyota Texas Tour - Get an overview of the Toyota plant then go behind the scenes into Toyota’s largest onsite supplier Avanzar. Learn from a Toyota veteran Glenn Uminger the ins and outs of Toyota’s unique philosophy and the underlying thinking behind the Toyota Production System.

Meet Dr Jeffrey Liker

13 times a Shingo Prize winner for research excellence, acclaimed author of “The Toyota Way” and consultant to Fortune 500 companies, Dr. Jeffrey Liker is one of the world’s most renowned Lean manufacturing experts.

Why attend our Masterclass?
How to make sustained improvements with proven Lean methods and how to make Lean a part of your company’s DNA.
Share best practice with directors, senior managers and managers involved in continuous improvement or enterprise excellence programme across all industries.
Experience first-hand the world-famous Toyota Production System in action and ask your questions to Toyota’s leadership team.

Great step for us; it confirmed our strategy and gave us ideas to implement

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