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The Programme

Join Dr. Jeffrey Liker as he guides you around the world’s best manufacturing companies in Japan, witnessing the Toyota Production System (TPS) in action. Learn first-hand from the Leaders of TPS at Toyota, Denso, Lexus and Caterpillar Japan, and hear their secrets to becoming award-winning Lean operating machines.

Day 1
The Toyota Production System, Toyota Plant Tour
Enter the origins of Lean manufacturing through an exclusive tour of Toyota Japan. You will be guided through the plant by Toyota Executives, identifying systems and tools of TPS and immersing in to the globally renowned Toyota culture. After the tour Jeffrey Liker will introduce the principles of TPS, bringing to life what makes Toyota the benchmark for Operational Excellence.
Day 2
Hoshin Kanri, Denso Plant Tour
Day two kicks-off with the Denso plant tour in Kariya. You will recognise what makes this plant one of the best of Toyota suppliers, and see their art of designing and making things; “Monozurki”, in action. Denso’s Leadership team will be on-hand to answer your Lean questions and to reveal their implementation of Hoshin Kanri and work groups. In the afternoon Jeffrey Liker will dive in to the principles of Hoshin Kanri; Toyota’s process for aligning company goals and help you decide which metrics to use to drive results.
Day 3
Kaizen, Lexus Plant Tour
The morning of day three takes us to the award-winning site for quality- the Lexus plant, Kyushu. The tour will be led by Hideshi Yokoi, VP of Quality and one of Toyota’s leading experts on TPS where you will identify what makes this plant one of the greatest in the world. Next, Jeffrey Liker will present how to tackle common leadership challenges through the method of Leader Standard Work and Daily Kaizen.
Day 4
Leadership, Caterpillar Plant Tour
On the final day of this executive study tour, you will enter the former Mitsubishi plant; Caterpillar, Akashi. Led by the Leaders of the Caterpillar Production System, you will identify how a non-Toyota plant has adopted their version of TPS into a low volume plant with high complexity. To wrap-up, you will develop your roadmap to deploying Lean Leadership and the principles of TPS within your business. You will return to the office enriched with deep insights from the best-in-class manufacturing plants and a fresh outlook on what it takes to lead a culture of excellence.

The world’s first Executive Lean Study Tour in Japan, led by the Toyota Master- Jeffrey Liker and featuring exclusive tours at Toyota, Denso, Lexus and Caterpillar Japan.

Led by the leaders of TPS at each plant and together with Jeffrey Liker, this exclusive study tour will take you deep in to the Gemba of the award-winning sites for manufacturing excellence and quality; Toyota, Denso, Lexus and Caterpillar, Japan. Throughout each plant tour you will witness the Toyota Production System in action, hear from those leading Operational Excellence, and immerse into the Japanese culture of Lean.

Meet Dr Jeffrey Liker

13 times a Shingo Prize winner for research excellence, acclaimed author of The Toyota Way and consultant to Fortune 500 companies, Dr. Jeffrey Liker is one of the world’s most renowned Lean manufacturing experts.

Why attend our Masterclass?
How to make sustained improvements with proven Lean methods and how to make Lean a part of your company’s DNA.
Share best practice with directors, senior managers and managers involved in Continuous Improvement or Enterprise Excellence programme across all industries.
Your Continuous Improvement efforts against Toyota, Denso, Lexus and Caterpillar.

Great insight into what it takes to be a Lean leader and what to do in order to coach & develop people.

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