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Advance operations across your Supply Chain

how to improve your company’s overall supply chain strategy how to improve your company’s overall supply chain strategy how to improve your company’s overall supply chain strategy

Opened my eyes to an incredible number of opportunities to work more efficiently.

The Programme

Join Professor David Simchi-Levi as he shows you how to make key operational improvements and enhance the flow of information throughout your Supply Chain.

Day One
Innovation, Risk and Flexibility
David Simchi-Levi will guide you on how to improve your results by using strategic partnering, inventory management, supply contracting and risk sharing.
Day Two
Supply Chain Strategies
David Simchi-Levi shows you how to achieve Supply Chain efficiency, transparency, quality and innovation and how you can implement those strategies in your organisation.
Day Three
Continuous Innovation
David Simchi-Levi demonstrates how to implement strategies that connect your people and processes real-time to improve performance across the entire Supply Chain.

Experience supply chain excellence

Visit the facilities of a best practice company who are at the forefront of Supply Chain innovations with a leading position in Gartner’s top Supply Chains in the world. Experience rapid Just-In-Time production and learn from them how you also prepare your Supply Chain for the demands of a changing world.

Meet Professor David Simchi-Levi

MIT Professor of Engineering, creator of the REI index and consultant to Fortune 500 companies like Ford, Boeing and GE, David Simchi-Levi is one of the world’s most renowned Supply Chain experts.

Why attend our Masterclass?
How to improve your company’s overall supply chain strategy
Share best practice with senior managers responsible for the strategic management of product supply and development, including VP’s of manufacturing, supply chain, logistics and procurement.
Experience first-hand how the world’s best manufacturers improve their supply chain efficiency and achieve speed to market.

Enlightening, great networking, exciting.

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