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S1:E1 Q&A with Jeffrey Liker: How to develop Lean Leaders and Culture
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The Q&A session gives you a unique opportunity to hear a true Lean legend Jeff Liker answer executives' questions on how to coach their people, how to get frontline management buy-in, implement lean thinking in daily work and more.

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Top industry experts answer your questions on anything from driving operational excellence to transitioning your operations to Industry 4.0
Expert Q&As
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7 Episodes
How to develop Lean leaders and culture
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Episode 1

Q&A with Jeffrey Liker: How to develop Lean Leaders and Culture

How to innovate in Industry 4.0
Episode 2

Q&A with Frank Piller: How to lead and innovate in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 business model
Episode 3

Q&A with Frank Piller: Is your business model Industry 4.0 ready?

Engineering 4.0
Episode 4

Q&A with Frank Piller: Creating billion dollar product opportunities with intelligent engineering

Lean culture implementation challenges addressed
Episode 5

Q&A with Peter Hines: Top 5 Lean culture implementation challenges addressed

digitally enabled organisation
Episode 6

Q&A with Fabrizio Salvador: Creating a roadmap for a digitally enabled organisation

operational efficiencies
Episode 7

Q&A with Tim Eschert: Managing long-term production disruption

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