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Implementing lean across organisation

Your Biggest Challenge.

Every business wants to eliminate wasteful activity and introduce a corporate culture of operational excellence.

The process of achieving this goal goes under many different names but at The Leadership Network® we use the standard terminology of ‘Lean’.

Lean is easy to implement with 100 employees, difficult with 500, but virtually impossible to achieve when there are thousands of employees operating an infinite range of tasks across different locations.

GEMBA by The Leadership Network® is an exciting and entirely new training platform designed to provide senior executives with an exceptional tool that solves the logistical challenge of implementing high-level training on a mass scale.

Tracking lean transformation

Scaling Up.

GEMBA has been designed to solve the biggest training challenge of all; the rolling out of a compelling Lean training programme across all company functions, activities, departments and locations in a controlled and cost-effective way.

GEMBA is flexible. It can be used to train any number, from 10 people to 10,000.

Our first Masterclass covers the challenges of introducing a proven model and creating an effective strategy. Users will work their way through modules and relevant scenarios to leave with an implementation plan and achieve the GEMBA Lean Leader qualification.

Creating engaging lean training

Measuring Effectiveness.

Throughout a Masterclass, line managers can track and measure the progress of each user through detailed online analytics. This is a crucial aspect of GEMBA; what can be measured can be managed.

Unlike conventional training methods, GEMBA hands power to the user. They control the experience, can repeat an exercise and refresh the VR variables in real time.

There is no time pressure applied to the GEMBA VR programme; the platform enables trainees to choose where and when to do their VR headset. They simply pick up from where they left off in their last session.

The GEMBA VR training platform is an immersive experience. When the headset is on there will be no interruption from cell phones, emails, tweets or people. This is focused learning that is engaging and compelling.

And above all, GEMBA is learning that sticks!

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