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The Programme

Strategy planning

Module 1: Strategy Development


Lean tools and techniques are vital for any Lean breakthrough, but they should not be regarded as the single-most important catalyst for change. At the heart of any successful Lean programme, and to sustain operational excellence, you need to implement a systems-based approach.

Using examples from BMW, Boeing, Nike and others, Peter Hines will help you master Lean tools and develop a systems-based approach to achieve world-class performance in your team.

Value steam mapping

Module 2: Value Stream Management

Integrating cross functional processes across an organisation is the foundation of any truly Lean enterprise.

In this module, Professor Peter Hines will help you develop a new strategic and operational approach to data capture, planning an implementation of effective change within your business.

Enterprise improvement program

Module 3: The Extended Enterprise

Most Lean training is focused only on the shop floor. The Developing Lean Leaders approach focuses on the leadership strategy, execution and cultural practices that lead to an enterprise wide improvement programme.

This final module will show you how integrate existing and new systems into a total business improvement initiative and how you can apply it across process areas such as product development, engineering, R&D and HR.

Peter Hines


‘Perhaps the world’s leading expert in the practice of Lean’

Best Selling Author and Award-Winning Professor of Lean Leadership, Professor Peter Hines is a globally recognised leader in Lean management. A multiple Shingo award winning author and Founder at SA Partners Peter Hines is recognised as one of the world’s leading Lean experts.

In a career spanning over 30 years, Peter has consulted with companies like Toyota, Coca Cola and Nestlé, founded the Cardiff Lean Enterprise Centre and trained 1000’s of senior executives across the world.

Why VR training



It’s real

In VR you can walk around, interact with objects and test scenarios that you and your team will be expected to handle in real life.

It’s hands on

Learning by doing is proven to work better than learning by observing. You can interact with a man on the moon or a production line at a reduced scale, and it’s this hands-on experience that makes VR learning invaluable.

It’s cost effective

Rather than fly all your staff to a single location for a 3-day training event at huge expense, employees can do the training at a time and location that suits them. Which means the cost of educating a large workforce can be vastly reduced.

It’s safe

Many industrial scenarios are impossible to recreate in real life due to the risk or cost involved. With VR, case studies come to life within a safe environment where all the variables, unlike in real life, are controlled.

It’s measurable

With data and analytics at the forefront of every business, you can quantify how your team perform and improve over time.

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