A background in science and engineering led to a first career as a Staff Engineer with Motorola. This gave Alex MacPhie a solid grounding in the practicalities of applying Lean and six sigma methodologies which have stayed with him throughout his career.

Alex is permanently curious, leading him to challenge the status quo in organisations whether dealing with practical problems or issues of practical leadership. This latent desire led Alex to create his own consultancy firm in 2003.

Alex has worked with over 200 start-ups, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and multi-nationals across many sectors to deliver change, providing context and perspective and by coaching leaders in the practical application of methodologies.

Since forming his own consultancy, Alex has worked on a range of different projects including exploring how psychology is applied to problem solving, to how business model thinking can be applied within business units. Coupled with practical leadership experience, Alex is able to provide a wide range of the latest thinking and techniques to his training programmes.

Alex MacPhie is a Lean Management leader at The Leadership Network, a leadership and management training provider.

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  • Arwen May
    CI Manager, Border Precision

    Alex was assigned to BP to help the company plan and implement a lean six sigma program. His expansive knowledge and ability to adapt his teaching/coaching style to the mixed learning styles of the management team were impressive and successful.

    I would highly recommend Alex. His passion and genuine desire to see others succeed is infectious and with true buy in can help you transform yourself and your business.

  • Victoria Russell
    Principal Consultant, The Leadership Factory

    A practical, proactive and positive leader, Alex has the intellectual ability to understand complex and often misunderstood engineering cultures and processes and have the ability to engage and shape change. He has the tenacity and personality to influence all levels. Always eager to learn, Alex’s thirst for learning is apparent in his management style and he has successfully built teams through this philosophy.

  • Carl Richardson
    Manufacturing Process Manager , De La Rue

    Alex delivered Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training to me and my colleagues a number of years ago. What stood out for me during this time was the approach Alex takes when delivering such a learning and development program. Apart from delivering the technical aspects of Lean Six Sigma in such a way that we could understand we could also relate to real scenarios. Alex also focused the training on softer skills with a high emphasis on leadership, facilitation, coaching and mentoring. This coupled with a philosophy of learning by doing and always involving the people who work on the process ensures that his learner’s are best equipped for success post course.
    Alex is a great coach and mentor post training. Float an idea past Alex or ask a question he will either coach you through it or offer advice. In a nutshell Alex is a great leader, trainer, coach and mentor. A great guy!

  • Keith Charlton
    Group Director of Operations, Mainetti Group

    Alex was engaged to assist Mainetti with the roll out of a group-wide lean improvement programme. He was quick to understand the issues and produced a training package that was of practical use to all participants and ensured they were equipped with the knowledge required to implement the plan.

  • Gordon Stewart
    Chief Support Services Officer, Bahrain Airport Company

    Alex has a deep knowledge of Lean Six Sigma that is second to none. What’s more he balances this with a very pragmatic approach. Add to that he seems to know something about many other topics I thoroughly recommend working with Alex.

  • Alan Chisholm
    Production and Maintenance Engineering Manager, Wellstream

    Alex delivered a number of courses ranging from Six Sigma, Structured Problem Solving and Coaching the Team to me and my colleagues. I found that Alex could communicate well at a levels of the business be it a CEO or shop floor level. Alex introduced me to NLP Techniques as part of the Coaching the Team courses which I have continued to use in my role.

    I would highly recommend Alex if you are considering to implement Business and People transformation within your company.

  • Gill Hutton
    QA & Compliance Manager, Brightwork Recruitment

    Alex was introduced to the print manufacturing business which I had worked in for over 10 years via SMAS,ostensibly to deliver training to the operational and shop floor workforce and assist us with the implementation of lean manufacturing principles.

    Very quickly we realised our entire sales proposition was flawed and, with Alex’s expert assistance and innate ability to relate to anyone at all levels, we had the whole company from MD, to sales through to warehousing on board with shaking things up and making real and positive change within the business for the first time since start-up.

    Alex loves to challenge and encourages you to buck the trend rather than conform. He certainly brought out in me a real thirst for knowledge and desire to improve. The company benefited hugely from our interaction with him but I still carry his pearls of wisdom with me today working in an entirely new industry sector and so I am extremely grateful to SMAS for the introduction and thankful Alex was relentless in throwing all those rocks into the pond and keeping me on my game!

    I wholeheartedly believe that any individual or business which has the opportunity to work with Alex will come out the other side as a improved version of themselves, with a fabulous mentor to boot.

  • Stuart Laidlaw
    Knowledge Exchange Fellow, Advanced Forming Research Centre

    I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with Alex during my time in the metals manufacturing automotive sector. Alex was brought in by the senior management team to provide support and guidance on a manufacturing improvement project. During the 12 months or so that I worked with him, I found Alex to be very supportive in a collaborative way, and also found that he challenged me to push myself, whilst also helping me learn new skills. His extensive knowledge of lean and six sigma were of undeniable help to the overall project, but would have had significantly less impact if it had not been for Alex’s understanding of the need for practical implementation and that sometimes compromise was essential to early stage implementation of shop-floor solutions. I learned a great deal about change management negotiation skills from Alex.

    I would not hesitate in recommending Alex to any organisation or individual that requires such expertise, guidance and support.

  • Daniel Stokes
    Continuous Improvement Manager, Responsive Engineering

    I first met Alex 7 years ago when I was a recent graduate and was fortunate to attend a “7 Quality Tools” training session whilst working in Quality Control within the pharmaceutical industry, this was amongst my first experiences of CI and skilled facilitation and has helped shaped my career path.

    When my former company was looking to deploy a Six Sigma programme, Alex’s consultancy was chosen and over the next 18 months I was mentored by Alex in order to achieve a Green Belt through project deployment. I received such fantastic support and guidance from both inside work and out, from Alex. I was encouraged to grow both my practical skills in Lean and Six Sigma and also my understanding of business fundamentals and how to gain influence.

    Alex then mentored me to Black Belt Level and by this point was leading the site’s Six Sigma deployment programme, I was given on-going support from Alex to allow the best possible results to be realised and stakeholders to be managed.

    When I was looking to change companies, I was comfortable moving to another industry mainly due to the knowledge that my training has been excellent, I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Alex to understand the potential issues and pitfalls and how to apply my skills in a different environment.

    I remain in contact with Alex and I am still receiving support on career development and what I might look to further my overall business understanding, for which I remain extremely grateful.

    I highly recommend Alex to an party who require an expert who is skilled in both the practical application of the tools around Operational Excellence, and the understanding of how to deliver an engaging and organic process with sustainable results.

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