David Mead is known as a Leadership speaker and expert facilitator of the “Start with Why” movement created by world renowned thought leader Simon Sinek.

David Mead originally joined Simon Sinek Inc., a learning organisation based on Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” movement in 2009 where he now holds the role of Chief of What’s next.

David Mead is also the CEO of his own consultancy Propel Inc. which together with “The Start with Why” team holds engaging talks and workshops to help companies and leaders towards a world in which a vast majority of people wake up inspired to go to work, feel safe while they’re there and go home at the end of the day fulfilled by the work that they do.

David Mead is an active public speaker and workshop facilitator and has presented to over 80 companies across a wide range of industries including healthcare, banking, technology, retail and non-profit. David Mead is also the host of the popular “Start with Why” podcast which has been downloaded in over 150 countries.

David Mead is an Innovation Management leader at The Leadership Network, a leadership and management training provider.

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