David Simchi Levi is known around as one of the world’s foremost experts of supply chain risk and one of the leading supply chain management gurus.

As the Professor of engineering systems at MiT, David Simchi Levi focuses on the development and implementation of leading edge logistics, supply chain management and manufacturing systems for companies around the world.

In 2012 David Simchi Levi launched a new supply chain management tool for management risk, called the Risk Exposure Index (REI). With the help of David Simchi Levi the REI was adopted by Toyota, The United Nations Disaster Risk Reduction and on a large scale by Ford Motor Company, which won David Simchi Levi the prestigious Daniel H. Wagner prize for excellence in operations research practice in 2014.

David Simchi Levi has authored and co-authored several papers and bestselling books, including his latest bestseller in 2010 “Operations Rules: Delivering Value through Flexible Operations”, the award winning “Designing and Managing the Supply Chain” in 2007 and “Managing the Supply Chain” in 2004.

David Simchi Levi is a prominent supply chain management keynote speaker and consultant to Global Fortune 500 companies such as Ford, Boeing and GE. David Simchi Levi is also the founder of LogicTools, a supply chain management software company which is now part of IBM.

David Simchi Levi is a Supply Chain Management leader at The Leadership Network, a leadership and management training provider.

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