Dr. Yossi Sheffi is the author of two award-wining books: “The Resilient Enterprise” (2005) and “The Power of Resilience” (2015) and Founder of the Master of Engineering in Logistics Programme at MIT. He is an expert in systems optimisation, risk analysis and supply chain management and is the author of a text book Urban Transportation Networks: Equilibrium Analysis with Mathematical Programming Methods (Prentice Hall, 1985) and two award-winning management books: The Resilient Enterprise: Overcoming Vulnerability for Competitive Advantage (MIT Press, 2005) and Logistics Clusters: Delivering Value and Driving Growth (MIT Press, 2012).

Under his leadership, the Center for Transportation and Logistics (CTL) has launched many educational, research, and industry/government outreach programmes, including the MIT Master of Engineering in Logistics programme in 1998, the MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Programme in Spain in 2003, the Center for Latin America Logistics Innovation in 2007, and the Malaysia Center for Supply Chain Innovation in 2012, the Luxembourg Centre of Logistics in 2015 and the Ningbo Supply Chain Centre in China in 2016. Collectively these centres operate as the Supply Chain and Logistics (SCALE) global network which he leads.

Outside the institute, Dr. Sheffi has consulted with numerous governments and leading manufacturing, retail and transportation enterprises all over the world. He has also founded or co-founded five successful companies: LogiCorp (acquired by Ryder in 1994); PTCG (acquired by Sabre in 1996); e-Chemicals (acquired by AspenTech in 2001); (acquired by Manhattan Associates in 2003), and Syncra Systems (acquired by Oracle in 2004).

Dr. Sheffi has been recognised in numerous ways in academic and industry forums. In 1997, he won the Distinguished Service Award given by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. He is also a life fellow of Cambridge University’s Clare Hall College.

Dr. Yossi Sheffi is an Supply Chain leader at The Leadership Network, a leadership and management training provider.

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