Fabrizio Salvador is known around the world as a leading expert on operations management and mass customization.

Fabrizio Salvador is the Professor of Operations Management at IE Business School of Madrid, Spain and the Adjunct Professor at the MiT- Zaragoza logistics programme.

In addition, Fabrizio Salvador is a founding member of the smart customization group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MiT) USA, which is focused on improving the ability of manufacturing companies to efficiently customize products, services and experiences in multiple industry sectors.

Fabrizio Salvador has authored and co-authored various papers which have been awarded research prizes and published in the MiT Sloan Management Review and the Journal of Operations Management.

Fabrizio Salvador has won over US$1.5m in research grants from various international agencies and Fabrizio Salvador has helped Global Fortune 500 companies gain competitive advantage through innovation and technology such as DHL, IBM, Tetra Pak and Xerox.

Fabrizio Salvador is a Lean Manufacturing leader at The Leadership Network, a leadership and management training provider.

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