Jef Staes (Belgium, 1956) is an authority on learning processes and innovative organisations. With 25 years of professional experience, he currently assists CEO’s and organisations to find a comprehensive answer to the changing dynamics of today’s market.  

“Why don’t organisations learn and innovate fast enough?” Jef Staes answers this question. As an author, speaker and expert, he not only awakens people, but also presents them with a unique concept to guide them through the necessary changes.  


As a system thinker, Jef looks beyond the classical approach to innovation based on new products and services. This reveals a broader trend that impacts not only business and education, but also different facets such as human resources, management, finances, portfolio management, personal competences. 


He is the author of the bestselling book: “My Organisation is a Jungle”. Through the use of rich vocabulary and exciting parallels, he truly engages you in the story of the Red Monkey. The book explores the dramatic difficulties innovation faces in most organisations today. Jef Staes has written several other books on these topics in Dutch. 


Jef is also a passionate and inspirational keynote speaker. His story is a guaranteed eye-opener and his thoughts on the future of business and education inspire many. With striking metaphors; he tackles the most fundamental issues organisations struggle with. He is also a visiting lecturer at several Management schools.  
Jef has given hundreds of lectures on information and innovation. He has talked in front of large audiences (e.g., TEDx) and smaller ones. The need for a new approach to innovation is always at the centre of each talk.


Finally, he is an engineer, thinker and architect. He developed a new mindset for CEO’s, managers and employees. The ‘Engine of Innovation Mindset’ offers organisations the answers to truly start innovating: By radically changing the culture of the company.

Jef Staes is an Innovation Management leader at The Leadership Network, a leadership and management training provider.

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