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To find out more about the Masterclass Matthias attended, click: Leading the Toyota Way

Toyota is known around the world for their relentless pursuit of operational excellence and Toyota Production System has been copied by corporations all over the world. But Industry 4.0 is forcing companies to refine their business models, rethink their processes and train their people to run the new smart factory. This new environment leaves no room for complacency.

In the fourth episode of The Boardroom, we speak to the CEO of Toyota Material Handling Europe Matthias Fischer about how he’s dealing with the pressure to automate, his ambitions to become number one in Europe, and how he managed to adapt Japanese target setting to Europe to ensure he continuously motivates his people.

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The Boardroom is a video series showcasing what it really means to be an executive at a global corporation. With sky high expectations and targets that won't wait, the Boardroom highlights the boldness and persistence it takes to stay on top of your game.
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4 Episodes
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Episode 4

Leading the Toyota Way with Matthias Fischer Trailer

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