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Explore the many ways that Gemba is enhancing virtual meetings, reducing training costs and much more.

Remote working just got promoted

Learn, network and collaborate like never before 

Need a better remote training solution?

Gemba solves the biggest challenge faced by global organisations; the roll-out of compelling training at scale, in a controlled and cost-effective way.

Discover how our VR Enterprise Learning Programme can help you achieve transformational change at a fraction of the cost of classroom training.

Experiencing video chat fatigue?

Our reliance on video meetings has created a new problem – digital exhaustion.

Find out how Gemba is reinventing virtual meetings to keep people highly motivated and engaged.

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Remote teams struggling to work effectively?

Many people are becoming increasingly disconnected to other teams and departments - despite easy access to online collaboration tools.

Discover the new and immersive way that Gemba is helping remote teams connect, communicate and work together, effectively.

Travelling to events no longer viable?

Virtual events are flexible, eliminate travel costs, save time and reduce environmental impact – but not all virtual events were made equal.

Find out how Gemba can revolutionise your event and breathe new life into virtual conferences, summits and seminars.

Oculus for business

Learn how global technology company Aptiv, are deploying Gemba on the Oculus Quest to solve complex challenges, like the roll-out of compelling and cost-effective training at scale.

The Changemakers

Leading in the fight against diabetes, reducing environmental impact and tracking progress towards creating the world we all want; All in a day’s work for pioneer and early adopter, Andreas Eriksen.

Latest insight

Discover the science behind what makes learning in VR so powerful

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