VR platform for business transformation VR platform for business transformation VR platform for business transformation

Mission Impossible

You've been tasked with achieving a business transformation in an impossible time frame.


Resistance is coming from all angles, demands to reduce waste and cut costs are relentless. Conventional training is slow, and e-learning doesn’t quite cut it. The physical and mental pressure is mounting, and you can’t be in two places at once.


It’s no surprise that somewhere between 70 – 90% of all business transformations fail to have a lasting impact.

Global Training Operational Excellence Global Training Operational Excellence Global Training Operational Excellence

Mission accomplished. Virtually

Introducing GEMBA®, the virtual reality learning platform for business transformation.


GEMBA® solves the biggest challenge faced by transformational leaders, the roll-out of compelling training at scale, in a controlled and cost-effective way.


Whether 10 or 10,000 people, get the corporate and cultural message to your team at a fraction of the time and cost of classroom training.

The benefits of GEMBA® VR learning

Learn by doing

Engage employees

Learning by doing is proven to work better. With GEMBA®, employees can interact with objects and test scenarios that you and your team will be expected to handle in real time.

Reduce cost of travel

Reduce travel

Rather than fly all your staff to a single location for a training event at huge expense, employees complete training programmes at a time and location that suits them.

Track and measure

Measure Impact

Managers can track and measure the progress of each user through detailed online analytics. This is a crucial aspect of GEMBA®; what can be measured can be managed.

Join the Immersive Learning Revolution

Experience the next level of enterprise learning with the world’s first accredited VR Masterclass.



Meet the people driving change in Fortune 500 companies with GEMBA® VR Learning.

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"I am really overwhelmed at how realistically things can be simulated here. It offers a world of possibilities"

Director of Production, Audi